by Grusterror

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released May 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Grusterror Marseille, France

Grusterror is a black grind crust band from Marseille (France) born in October 2014.
Juan : Guitar
Brice Von Pripyat: Vocals
LionHell Butorsky: Drum/Vocals

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Track Name: Desolation
This morning, the sun didn’t rise
The ground shook and the youngest cried
The priest know...The door is open
The black door, the door of hell!

From the darkness the great old one wakes up !
Humanity shakes and cries !
The priest know... the old world is over
In the ashen rain , the reign of Grust is born!
Track Name: Last war
Governed by a system
that makes profit on problems
instead of fixing them,
people will kill each other until
the last war ; Ashes in the sky!
The earth will bleed like human flesh!
Track Name: The fall of Satan's love
Come into the darkness,
And see the Devil
Look at you with lover’s eyes!

The fall of satan’s love!
When love falls to Hell,
And the Devil falls in love!
Track Name: Fuck off and die
Fuck Off and Die,Fuck Off and Die!
Hey! Bastard!!!
Fuck Off and Die,Fuck Off and Die!
Hey! Asshole!!!
Fuck Off and Die,Fuck Off and Die!
Hey!! Fuck you!!
Fuck Off and Die,Fuck Off and Die!
Hey! Bastard! Hey!! Asshole!!
Get off of my world now!!!!
Track Name: Sad life of V.
Since he was a lovely child
He’s been living in the north
In the high white north
There is no sun
There’s just a cold life
Just a world without fun

He dreams of leaving this frozen hell
Escaping this white hell
Of living far from the burning churches
Of living far from Norway

Now he lives in the sun
Far from Norway
In the smells of spring
Under the blue sky
Now he lives in the south
Far from the burning churches
Now his world is peace
Track Name: Night Flood
In his engulfed house
the dead dreamer doesn't wait anymore
From the inscrutable abysses
An inexpressible litany rises in a night flood!

The Great Old One wakes up
From his eternal torpor
And R'lyeh emerges from the depths
And spreads itself across the world
Like the night floods!
Track Name: Yersinia Pestis
Out of sight, in the summer sweatiness,
An exchange of money, money for silence
An exchange of invisible evil forerunner of death.

The rumour is born, the plague is in town
The rumour is born, the black death is here!

Welcome to hell, under the hell of the southern sun
It looks like an apocalypse, thousands of rotten corpses
Confined in remparts of horror,
Death behind closed doors!

Sacrificed for commerce!
Sacrificed for money!

Go now, far away and forever
(and take your greed with you!)

Fear, terror, pain, horror, sacrifice, thank you!!!
Track Name: Prepare the siege
Under the rain, in the early morning,
The blue lights shine before the sun!
We don't touch private property,
They send their armoured dogs to get it back!!

Prepare the siege!!
Prepare the siege!!!

Entries are barricaded,defenses are set up
The wait will not be long,
capitalism's dogs get underway
They'll soon give the final assault!!

Prepare the siege!!
Prepare the siege!!!

The assault was not long
Difficult to make the weight
Against the state machine
Families are on the street before the sun shines!!

Prepare the siege!!
Prepare the Siege!!!
Track Name: Tsunami
Tsunami !
Track Name: Vomit
Wake up! Still drunk!
Headache! Crusty nose!
Fenneck breath! I puke!!!
Burned eyes! Screaming stomach!
Black hole! Lost teeth!
(It was) a goodnight! I puke!!

I puke, puke puke puke puke puke puke!!!!!

I survived this nightmare
I'm reborn, I'm hungry
The worst is ov...I puke!!!
How is it possible?! I Puke!!
I've got nothingelse to puke!!!
(It was) a goodnight! I puke!!!!!
Track Name: Zugarramurdi
It’s the sound of fire!!
It’s the sound of death
It’s the sound of ignorance!
It’s the sound of the holy inquisition!

Guilty of being different!
Guilty of being here!
Guilty of being a witch!
The sentence is death!

Kill the heretic!
Burn the fuckin’ witch!
Scream the people
Thirsty for death!